ASU brings ethics to the foreground

Arizona State University recently launched Ethics @ ASU to highlight ethics as a cross-cutting initiative throughout the curriculum and across the university.

The Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics and the Office of the Provost assembled the site to showcase ethics as one of the defining characteristics of what it means to be a Sun Devil as well as an integral part of students’ education. Ethics @ ASU is a portal to all things ethical at ASU, informing current and potential students, faculty, staff and community members about the impact of ethics in people’s lives and careers.

The new site features academic integrity, ethics coursework, ethical tools, opportunities, ethical impact and research. Also, on the coattails of the successful “Ask a Biologist” site, Ethics @ ASU is launching “Ask an Ethicist” so users can seek insight into ethical questions and dilemmas. Ethics news and ethics events are also featured on the site.

Jason Scott Robert, who holds the Joan and David Lincoln Chair in Ethics at ASU and serves as senior ethics adviser to the university provost, is charged with helping to bring ethics everywhere at the university.

“As ASU prepares students for the future and as our research efforts break new barriers, it is crucial that the knowledge enterprise be grounded in ethical reflection and deliberation,” Robert said.

Check out Ethics @ ASU for more details.