Ethics in Action

The capacity for ethical reflection and deliberation is best developed through immersion. Integrating ethics into the backbone of extracurricular activities strengthens the University – and our community – as a whole. Educational Outreach and Student Services, Sun Devil Athletics, ChangeMaker Central, and Residence Life are just some of the enterprises through which we cultivate ethical awareness and personal and professional development.

Changemaker Challenge is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students from ASU campuses to make a difference in local and global communities through innovation.
Any connection or bond between two people can be considered a relationship. This includes family members, friends, dating partners, co-workers, acquaintances and even, to a certain degree, strangers we come into contact with.
Project Humanities seeks to connect the university and local communities in talking, listening, and connecting.
The Public Service Academy builds a culture of service and a pipeline of leaders who will work across sectors to undertake humanitarian efforts and to address real-life issues facing our unpredictable world.
The mission is to empower Sun Devils to achieve championship performance, while graduating and preparing student-athletes for life after intercollegiate athletics with the highest priority on integrity.
Volunteering not only helps others, but it is a great way to meet like-minded Sun Devils and build your resume. Whether once a month or weekly, there is an opportunity out there for you!