Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics

The mission of the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics (LCAE) is to develop applied ethics knowledge and disseminate resources to enhance ethical understanding, discourse, decision-making, and behavior. We aim to reach ASU students, staff, and faculty, as well as the broader community, local and global.

Our vision is that ASU will be an international role model in generating and disseminating key resources to enhance ethical behavior. Those influenced by the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics will be recognized for their effectiveness in making ethical choices in their business and personal endeavors.

 "The Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics is the driver behind the applied ethics theme (at ASU) and serves as an exemplar of international collaboration and use-inspired research projects. The center is a crucial catalyst for advancing the broad understanding and application of enhanced ethical awareness --- which has the tremendous potential to change our society for the better."
-- Michael M. Crow
Presidient, Arizona State University