Professional Ethics

Students at Arizona State University develop a strong foundation in ethics to support the continuous development of their character over the life course - as persons and as professionals. Professional codes of ethics, guidelines for conduct, and professional ethics courses prescribe behaviors and attitudes specific to particular domains, in such fields as engineering, healthcare, law, education, and business.

Such efforts aim at a higher standard than what might be legally required or permissible. Thanks to ASU’s commitment to enriching the community by cultivating ethical capacity, Sun Devils can be relied upon as ethical professionals for the future.

Students in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering take pride in integrity, professionalism and teamwork.
The ASU Law research guide includes both print and electronic resources for researching the issues in the areas of legal ethics and professional responsibility.
The College of Nursing & Health Innovation standards are firm due to the nature of our professional responsibilities and accountability to the client and the profession.
The American Society of Public Adminstration (ASPA) Code of Ethics is a statement of the aspirations and high expectations of public servants.
The Ethics in Public Health Emergency Preparedness Project is a collaboration of the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics and PHLPP.